A downloadable super arcade football for Windows and macOS

Demo version of Super Arcade Football

An arcade football game like never before, with as much pace as a cross from Ronaldo, and as much power as a headbutt from Zidane. Play single-player or with up to 4 friends locally - with intense scorelines, dynamic gameplay and crazy fun. No real-life simulation, no micro transactions, just pure arcade football action!

Please share the demo and help spread the word!


Get the full game on Early Access and support the Development.



The DEMO includes :

  • 4 Player Local Multiplayer
    Play with friends competitively or cooperatively; All multiplayer combinations available, 1vs1, 1vs2, 4vCPU etc!!
  • Controlled shooting with our advanced 'Slow-Mo- Banana-Bending-Technology' ™
    Satisfying after-touch for all controls, and with the added option of slowing down time to perfect your shots.
  • Limited to a certain amount of matches

The FULL game includes :

  • Euro Cup
  • World Cup
  • Different Game modes / Pitch Types
    Play 5-a-side indoor or have a go at 'Football on Ice'. With many more game modes still to be added such as Mud, Windy and more.
  • Match Modifiers
    Change the way the beautiful game is played; Bigger goals, bouncy walls, teleporters and more!
  • Open Development
    Be part of the team. We want this to be the football game everyone wants to play, so we will be listening to feedback and implementing features suggested by the Steam community.
  • Many more teams
  • Unlimited fun

Much more content to come in the following months!

  • Online Mode
    Compete against the world. Enter online tournaments, leaderboard and custom game modes.
  • Career Mode
    Take your club from the lowest leagues up to the most prestigious competitions.
  • Much more EVERYTHING
    We'll be adding new tournaments, teams, game modes, modifiers from the suggestions and feedback of the SAF Community.

Get the full game on Early Access and support the Development.http://store.steampowered.com/app/420550/

Install instructions

For a better experience play with controllers ( Playstation or Xbox recommended)

A few notes about this version:

  • this is only a demo to give you a taste of what Super Arcade Football is .
  • Buy the full game for the real experience
  • Please share this demo with all the universe.


SAF-Demo-Mac-2016-04-13.zip 82 MB
SAF-Demo-Win-2016-04-13.zip 114 MB


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Hi, will you upload the demo to Steam also?